Our Mission, Vision & Philosophy

It’s easy to see why Valley Preparatory is a great choice for your child; it’s all about who we are and what we represent.

Vision Statement

Our vision is for Valley Prep to be a 21st-century learning institution that graduates students who are confident communicators, critical thinkers, and problem solvers who are motivated to engage in lifelong learning and empowered to achieve personal and educational goals in a culturally diverse, global community.

Additionally, the graduate will be a highly literate and well-balanced student who has developed an appreciation for the arts and world languages and has the ability to acquire knowledge and access information using well-developed technological skills.

To this end, we continually evaluate our curriculum, learning resources, and facilities to ensure a learning environment that supports this vision.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based upon the following four key tenets:

VPS shifts the focus of the instruction from the teacher to the student. The teacher becomes the facilitator, thereby encouraging students to become independent thinkers.

Active Learning
Active Learning is a hands-on and project-based approach that better engages students by providing them with opportunities to make connections across curriculum.

Holistic education is based on the premise that each student finds identity, meaning, and purpose through connections between areas of study; between school and home; and between school and community; extending outward to include the whole world.

Positive & Encouraging
VPS believes every child deserves the opportunity to thrive in an enriching school environment with limited distractions. We encourage students to express themselves within an overall structure, allowing them to remain focused on learning.